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Awake at 3:32am

It’s 3:32am and here I am writing my first post in my latest blog site! I do hope that I will be able to maintain this site for a long time! For those who will be reading this, let me introduce myself.

I am Yvette, a sassy biatche mom to my 1 year old baby girl Daphne. Of course, I am also a sassy biatche wife to my loving husband Dennis! I am a working mom so forgive me if I don’t post blogs that often! Though I promise I will try my very best to post interesting facts about life! You see, I love to travel and eat, so you can expect to see reviews here also!

That’s it for now! Daphne alert! She might wake up anytime soon to eat! Oh by the way, I am a breastfeeding mom too! So I guess, you’ll read about my experiences in breastfeeding too!

Have a good day everyone! See you on my next post!




2 thoughts on “Awake at 3:32am

  1. I bet you’d be more active in the blogosphere then I would achi. I’ve been blogging with the same domain name for 5 years now, and the posts just in a monthly interval.

    Oh well, wishing you luck with your new domain. đŸ˜‰


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