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training my little girl’s yaya…

My daughter is now 3 months old and 9 days.  For those 3 months, we had no yaya to help take care of her.  When I was still on maternity leave, I was really hands on, my husband helped me with her. My mother in law and my husband’s younger brother also helped.  When I went back to work a few weeks back up until now, our routine is they (3) take turns taking care of her during daytime, and I go on duty at night until the next morning.  Yes, they have the luxury to stay at home with my little girl while I go to work.

I am so grateful that I don’t need to worry about my baby even when me and my husband attend parties or have dinner with some friends. I am sure that my baby is in good hands.

Now, things have changed.  My husband who has little businesses on the side applied for a job at Resorts World Manila and he got in.  My brother in law will be going back to work also in a few months’ time.  My mother in law can’t carry my baby that long.  So, we decided to get a yaya for her. Of course, under our watchful eyes.  We won’t be leaving her alone with her yaya still, but we need extra hands who can take care of her.

Here starts my journey to train my baby’s yaya.  Since I go to work, my baby is fed expressed milk when I am not around.  I express milk at work during daytime for my baby’s supply the next day. I need to teach the yaya the basic rule of FIRST IN FIRST OUT.  Even before, I number the bottles and write the color of the bottles’ caps on a piece of paper posted in our ref inside the room. That’s what I taught her first.  Next one was how to reheat the bottles and how frequent she needs to feed my baby.

Since she told me she already had an experience with babies (she took care of her nephews when they were still babies), I just told her what to do if in case my baby cries.  Check her diaper first, my baby hates wet diapers! If not wet, check the time if it’s feeding time already.  If it’s still not time, she could try to talk to her since she loves talking.  If that doesn’t work, then she needs to carry her out of bed already! And the important part, does she really knows how to carry a baby properly. Well, I observed her, and she really knows how to. But before I let her carry or let alone touch my baby, I instructed her to wash her hands first with soap and water, then with alcohol. And I instructed her to always put a burp cloth on her shoulder before carrying my baby, so that my baby will be prevented from touching the yaya’s shirt.

Today’s only the first day, hopefully, it will turn out well. I took a leave from work so that I could train her. I let her do everything and just observe and support when needed.  Come weekend, I need to see if she could bathe my baby naman.

It’s going to be tough, but I know this is all going to be worth it.  Hands free from carrying my baby when she’s fussy! And I could just cuddle her when it’s nursing time at night. Hands free like now, so I could type and blog away! Oohh, I can’t wait for things to get better!


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