Expressing milk at work!

Returning to work is one thing. But continuing breastfeeding and expressing milk for my baby are just as hard.

It has been 10 days since I returned to work. So that means I had expressed milk 50 times at an interval of 3 hours 5 times a day. My schedule is at 3 in the morning after feeding my baby. The next would be at 9 in the morning at the office. The 3rd session would be during lunch break. The 4th around 3 in the afternoon and the last would be after dinner. Pumping or expressing at home is easy! Doing it at work is a different thing.

Days before I went back to work, I already informed my manager that I would be taking time off during office hours to express milk for my beloved baby. She agreed, but her first question to me was, where would I do my thing?

I told her I would be doing it in the pantry, I would just cover up. I don’t want to do it inside the restroom because i don’t think it’s hygienic. She told me it’s up to me where I choose to do my thing.

First day of work – I came to the office with my pumping gear. A lampin, a shawl converted into a nursing cover, my Medela Swing pump, 4 bottles and a bag with insulator to keep my expressed milk cool during the travel going home.

Everyone was curious with what I was doing. When they catch me at the pantry during my sessions, they were the ones embarrassed! I wasn’t the least bit shy about what I was doing, I was even proud of myself! I am giving my baby the best!

In the 10 days, not one day passed without me saying something about the advantages of breastfeeding. It was like hitting a lot of birds with just a few stones.

First, I am able to feed my baby the most precious milk in the world. Second, I am able to spread the wonderful things about breastfeeding. Third, I hear a lot of good words from people around me – that my baby is lucky because I sacrifice some of my time just to pump. Lastly, I was able to return back to my pre-pregnancy figure. My boss even told me that I am thinner now than before.

So, I don’t see a reason why I should stop doing what I am doing now! Not even the lack of a breastfeeding room would hinder my goal. And that is to continue until my milk runs out!

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