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Recall on MeadJohnson’s formula milk

FDA ordered a Recall on 2 of MeadJohnson’s formula products. Alactagrow and Sustagen Junior.

According to FDA, this was not a safety issue. The said formulas are safe to consume. However, it did not pass on the supposed standard. Formula Milk should have a fat content of 3 to 6 grams, the products only had less than 2 grams.

MeadJohnson promised to follow the said standards and to reformulate their products. This company is known as a world leader in pediatric nutrition – as published on their website

This just proves that – BREASTMILK IS STILL THE BEST we could give our children. No formulas needed! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Recall on MeadJohnson’s formula milk

  1. Did you know breast milk does not meet “minimum standards” from the FDA? I hear what you are saying, but you are talking about 2 very specific formulas for babies with special needs, not an “everyday” formula. These babies probably wouldn’t be able to take breastmilk either… Breastmilk IS the best, but please don’t put propaganda out there that isn’t accurate. I would be concerned with the claims against Mead Johnson, and their “false advertising” from the FTC they keep getting busted for! (and ignoring)


  2. Thank you for your comment but I don’t see anything wrong with what I wrote. I wasn’t even saying anything against formula milk. Formula or Breastmilk – it’s a choice mommies can decide upon. After all, mothers know best!


  3. i still use sustagen jr for my 3 yr old son since his doctor told us that lower fat’s okay naman kasi he has other meals to get it from.


    1. It all depends on us naman. And of course, we should ask our pediatricians if we are uncertain about things. That’s what they are there for.

      Thanks for commenting! 🙂


  4. Hi sissies, sorry kung makikisali ako pero may nabasa ako na wala palang false claim na nangyari. Nagkaroon lang ng confusion sa unit of measure:

    And I agree formula or breastmilk is a choice. Pero for me, formula milk became a necessity. I have been giving my child Alactagrow and I’m happy na wala palang safety issue in the first place. Nakahinga talaga ako ng malalim! 😆


    1. Yeah, it’s really a choice. I have nothing against formula since I myself was fed formula before. I grew up healthy naman. Good thing it wasn’t a safety issue like the melamine issue before.

      Thanks for dropping by and giving your say on this. 🙂


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