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elections in 2 days!

until now, i am not yet decided on who to vote for this monday!

the future of my baby is at stake here. so i better choose and vote wisely!

for president, i am down to 2 candidates: noynoy and gibo

for vice president, i am settled into voting binay

for senators, the circle of 12 isn’t complete yet. but here are some that i am decided upon already: marcos, cayetano, tamano, bautista, remulla, hontiveros, locsin, drilon, and defensor-santiago.  i’m still lacking 3 candidates

for mayor, i am still undecided.

for vice mayor, i might vote for isko moreno

for congressman, i still don’t know.

for councilor, i have to ask sachiak.

that’s it for now… will be back for my final list!


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