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may 10 elections

It’s almost election day already and I haven’t decided whom I will give my precious vote for.

For the presidency, there’s a lot of colors to choose from. Yellow for Noynoy. Orange for Villar. Green for Gibo. Etc. Etc.

Now, let’s see. Yellow is my favorite color. But that doesn’t mean I should vote for Noynoy right? I like Orange too, but then I don’t like Villar that much. I don’t like Green, but then I think Gibo is a pretty good candidate. So, where will this get me? I am not sure whether I could decide who to vote in time.

And then there are the candidates for the senatorial race.  As days go along, I hear how these candidates present themselves on interviews, I wanted to vote for them. The list of my senators stars Gilbert Remulla, Pia Cayetano, Adel Tamano, Bongbong Marcos and Risa Hontiveros.  They are the new blood in the Senate. They are young and competitive and idealistic.  They are also educated.  To vote for them, I need to go out and vote, literally!

At first, I wasn’t planning on voting and going to the precints because of my condition. Ayoko makipagsiksikan and mainitan. But then, I wanted to try out the new automated voting system. So, that’s another dilemma for me.

Hmmm, I still have exactly 10 days to collect my thoughts and decide. Decide whether I should really literally go out and vote. And decide whether whom I will give my precious vote for!


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