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manas na ang paa ko!

Just this afternoon, I was really anxious because when I look down, I realized that my 2 feet are really blowing up! As in, parang pumuputok talaga sa suot ko na shoes!  I can’t even feel the bone sa may ankle ko.

I noticed too that when I pressed a particular part of my foot, it turns red then white.

Hay, then it struck me, minamanas na yata ako! I texted my hubby immediately.

I told him, kadiri yung feet ko.  My feet looked like an elephant’s feet. Jumbo talaga! Hay… 😦

My colleagues confirmed that minamanas na ako.

Nakukuha daw ang manas sa maalat na food.  I don’t even eat junk foods anymore. How come?

Then, another realization came.  This week, thrice ako nag eat out.  Maybe, the restaurants mixed a lot of salt and MSG in the food that they served.

They say normal lang sa buntis ang pamamanas, it will go away after I give birth. Sabi rin ng isang aunt ko, normal din na on my 7th month, mag start na ang pamamanas.

What I have to do now is elevate my feet when I sleep.  Avoid salty foods even more.  And drink plenty of water.

I guess, this is really part of my pregnancy, so be it!


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