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our dog named sparkey!

our dog is a mini – pinscher, we named him sparkey because my husband loves cars. you might be wondering now what’s the connection with his name and cars.

sparkey was derived from the word sparco, which is a world renowned brand that carries racing suits, racing gears, and a lot more. it has become the world leader in the production of fireproof clothing as a result of the quality and style of its designs; and the comfort and stability of its products.

now back to our dog, sparkey. he was a gift from a client. he was given to us right before we got married last september 2009. so he will be turning 1 this september!

sparkey is not your usual dog. he understands 3 languages – tagalog, english and chinese fookien. that’s what we love most about him.

sparkey also knows how to call our attention when he needs to do his thing! what’s crazy about him is that, when he gets out of his cage, he will run around first before going in the rest room! he does number 1 and number 2 inside the rest room! now how many dogs can do that? 😛

sparkey also lives with our other pet – momo – who by the way is a cat! and also named after a car related brand. they gave meaning to the word fighting like cat and dog, because they really do! but they don’t go and scratch and bite each other like crazy. they just hiss at each other – imagine this scene – momo meowing and sparkey barking! what a scene right?! sparkey doesn’t like it when momo is out and about and he’s inside his cage. he also needs to be freed from his cage.

sparkey is spoiled from everyone in the house. just a little sad face, he will be given a slice of bread, be freed from his cage, and played with.

he also loves spending time in our bedroom, he even got his own beanbag. he doesn’t like it when we snatch it away from him.

i can write so much about sparkey but i guess words can’t express how much i or our whole family feel about him. life wouldn’t be the same without him anymore. he makes us all laugh, he takes our tireness away, and most importantly, he bonds the whole family together.


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